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The Quotable was a quarterly online and print magazine showcasing tomorrow’s quote-worthy authors.  Each issue featured short stories, essays, poetry, and artwork based on a specific theme and quote. Our last issue was published in 2017.

Founding Editors

  • Eimile Campbell
  • Lisa Heins Vincent
  • Leslye PJ Reaves

Managing Editor

  • Leslye PJ Reaves

Fiction/Non-Fiction Editors

  • Kelly Sokol Avery
  • Eimile Campbell
  • Lisa Heins Vincent

Poetry Editor

  • Shannon J. Curtain

Art Editor

  • Dani Al-Basir Spratley

Copy Editor

  • Breanne Hunter

Previous Editors

  • Guest Poetry Editor: Marion Thomas (Issues 7 & 8)
  • Guest Poetry Editor: Patti Hinson (Issues 5 & 6)
  • Poetry Editor: Deborah Gonzales (Issues 2-4)