Three places to write online

What is it? This site allows you to create a stories and poems collaboratively – exquisite corpse style. Create a private ‘scribe’ with people you know, or participate in the art of creation with people from around the world.

Why? You never know what you’re going to get.  You know what they say about 10,000 monkeys on typewriters…

One Page Per Day
What is it? It’s like a typewriter for the web. A simple blank screen on which to input your inspired musings or stream of consciousness ramblings. Also, you can see glimpses of what others are writing and get gentle reminders to just write one page per day.

Why? It’s a minimalist, distraction free writing zone to jumpstart your daily artistry.  It’s really easy to use, just log in with your Google or Twitter ID and start writing!

750 words
What is it? Similar in concept to One Page Per Day, 750 words asks you to write three times that much, following the guidelines listed in the classic, The Artists’ Way.

Why? What’s different is that in addition to daily reminders, 750 words keeps track of your process by giving you points based on how many days you complete your goal!  Plus there’s an online coffee shop of sorts for sharing notes of inspiration with fellow writers.  They’re also holding a challenge to write 750 words per day for all of January.

If you know of a new or innovative place to write online, share it in the comments!